See the Botanical Building in Balboa Park

February 15, 2018
Category: San Diego Attractions

Balboa Park is the most popular attraction in San Diego. The multi-attraction park spanning a whopping twelve hundred acres hosts the zoo, plenty of museums and gardens among others. The zoo alone records annual footfall of over four million. More than three million tickets to the museums were sold last year. It is safe to estimate that more than ten million tourists check out one or more attractions at Balboa Park. Visit the zoo, check out the museums and explore the various exhibits ranging from arts to nature, culture to science, attend events that may interest you, including plays and puppet shows, musicals or other forms of performing arts. You can pack a picnic or shop, embark on trails or explore the automotive evolution.

About Botanical Building

The Botanical Building is one of the unique attractions at Balboa Park. It is located at 1549, El Prado in San Diego, right next to Timken Museum of Art. You can visit the Botanical Building anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Fridays through Wednesdays. It remains closed on Thursdays and major holidays. There is no admission fee. Many places at Balboa Park do not charge any admission which is why an accurate and latest estimate of visitors is not readily available.

The most enticing feature of the Botanical Building is its foreground with a Lily Pond and a reasonably sized Lagoon. It is among the most popular scenes at the park and in the city. The attraction is just over a hundred years old. It was developed as a star draw at 1915/16 Panama-California Exposition. The building has more than twenty-one hundred plants as permanent exhibits. You can explore orchids, cycads, palms, and ferns. Spring is a great time to visit the facility as the flowers are at their blossoming best.

It is unlikely you would visit Balboa Park and be confined to any one attraction. Since there are plenty of things to do and places to visit, it is best to plan your entire day ahead of time, so you have plenty of time to visit the zoo, history center, art museum, science center, air and space museum and more.

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